Donate Your Birthday

Donate Your Birthday 

Celebrate your birthday this year with friends and family in a more memorable way by supporting a cause that's important to you. Instead of asking for gifts this year, ask your loved ones for a donation to MIFA. They will be honoring you and supporting vulnerable seniors and families in need.

Getting Started:
- Set a donation goal
- Choose how you want to collect the gifts
- Send out a heartfelt messsage to family and friends sharing why MIFA is important to you and our community
- Share the progress towards your goal - provide updates through Facebook or other social media

Message examples :
-  I support MIFA because of the success of MIFA Meals on Wheels and Senior Core Senior Companions programs designed to promote independence, health, and dignity of seniors. These programs provide nourishing meals, caring visits, and help with tasks of daily living for older adults who are homebound or disabled. Join in the celebration by making a donation to MIFA in honor of my birthday. 

-  Help me make my birthday more meaningful this year by donating to MIFA, a cause that is special to me. MIFA feeds hungry seniors and provides adults and children with basic services and support to prevent homelessness, stablize families in crisis, and encourage independence.

Ways to Collect Gifts: 
1. Through Facebook
You can set up your own birthday nonprofit fundraiser on Facebook in just a few quick steps: 
- Click "Fundraisers" in the left menu of your News Feed.
- Click "Raise Money"
- Select "Nonprofit/Charity"
- Search for "Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association", choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
- Click Create
Note: Facebook allows you to set up your birthday fundraiser one month prior to your actual birthdate. 

2. Through Our Website
We'll give you a special link to our donation page for you to share with friends and family. For more information, contact us

Watch these inspiring birthday stories in the video below and then start planning your own party!