COVID Impact on Facilities

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COVID-19 and Impact on Long-Term Care Facilities

In March 2020, Shelby County diagnosed its first case of COVID-19. Within two months, there were over 20,000 cases in the metropolitan area. The pandemic continues to make a substantial impact on the lives of nursing homes, assisted living, and other long-term care residents in the area.

  • Nursing homes may have vaccination policies, or may not admit new residents who are positive for COVID-19.
  • Although the federal government required nursing homes to allow visitors at any time, in some facilities, it has been difficult for residents to receive them.
  • Residents who are not able to receive visitors in person have often been able to have "window visits," which may only benefit residents on the first floor of the building.
  • Some residents must eat in their rooms, although federal guidance allows for many to eat in communal dining rooms.
  • Nursing homes all over the country have been faced with staffing shortages. Unfortunately, these shortages have an impact on the care of residents.

There are other issues that affect residents and will probably continue to have an impact for months to come. We will try to provide relevant updates to this site as the pandemic persists.

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