Days of Hope

Days of Hope

These generous individuals have designated Days of Hope at MIFA in 2016 with their annual gifts of $5,000 or more.

To sponsor your own Day of Hope, or if you’ve made a gift at this level and have not yet selected your special day, please contact Dorothy Lane McClure at (901) 529-4523 or

February 11, 2016
Billie Anne Williams
in memory of David G. Williams on his birthday


February 29, 2016
Musette and Allen Morgan
in honor of Diane and Fred Smith


March 2, 2016
Susan and Scott Plunkett
in honor of Andrew Plunkett on his birthday


March 11, 2016
Kelly and Brian Athow
in celebration of their anniversary


March 25, 2016
Mimsy and Frank Jones
in honor of Peggy Jemison Bodine


March 29, 2016
Susanne, Bruce, Elianna and Olivia Landau
in honor of Ms. Bertha Landau on her birthday


March 31, 2016
Mary W. Minor
in memory of Lucian Minor on their anniversary


April 4, 2016
Phyllis and Paul Berz
in honor of Sally Heinz and the staff of MIFA for their great work every day


April 10, 2016
Karen and Preston Dorsett
in honor of their anniversary


April 14, 2016
Jane and Ward Mayer
in memory of Elaine Mayer Walsh


April 15, 2017
George T. Johnson
in honor of Betty Johnson on her birthday


April 16, 2016
Gerre W. Gourley
in memory of her husband Dr. Robert Gourley on their anniversary


April 17, 2016
Anne and John Stokes
in honor of Miriam & Jack Range on their anniversary


April 23, 2016
Jack Moore
in honor of Betty Moore on her birthday


April 23, 2016
Phyllis and David Scruggs
in memory of Phillip and Geneva Raiford


May 1, 2016
Julie and Jim Raines
in honor of Tracey Harrigan on her birthday


May 2, 2016
Carol & Bert Barnett
in recognition of Edward Kaplan and his lifetime achievement award from Planned Parenthood


May 8, 2016
Mary Lapides Shela and Jason Shela
in loving memory of Mark Allan Lapides on his birthday

May 8, 2016
Elizabeth and Jerry Marshall
in honor of our mothers, Betty McCord and Helen Marshall


May 20, 2016
Glenna Boales Flautt
in honor of her birthday


May 30, 2016
Sara Holmes
in memory of Elmore Holmes III on his birthday


June 3, 2016
Pam and Fred Montesi
in memory of Mrs. Evelyn Thompson Palmer


July 2, 2016
Erin and Ray Schultz
in honor of your 59th wedding anniversary


July 16, 2016
R. Brad Martin Family Foundation
in honor of Terry Courtenay's birthday


July 21, 2016
Gwen and Chris Beard
in honor of James D. Beard


August 9, 2016
Sara Dobbs
in memory of John Collier Dobbs


August 29, 2016
Anne and John Stokes
in honor of Anne & Carl Brown on their anniversary


August 30, 2016
Rose Johnston
in memory of Tom Johnston on his birthday


September 15, 2016
Susan and Alan Kosten
in memory of Ethel & Leon Kosten and Virginia & Joe Wood


November 19, 2016
Kelly and Brian Athow
in honor of National Adoption Day


November 21 - December 2, 2016
John D. Canale III
in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John D. Canale, Jr.


November 27, 2016
Kay and Tom Whitman
in honor of their anniversary


November 27, 2016
Mary W. Minor
in honor of Jean Norfleet


November 30, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster Smith, Jr.
in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster Smith, Sr.


December 4, 2016
Snow and Henry Morgan
in memory of Elizabeth and Bayard Boyle, Sr.


December 17, 2016
Bill Fondren
in honor of Sondra Fondren on her birthday


December 28, 2016
Mary Lee Copp and Peter Formanek
in memory of Peter Hale Formanek


January 16, 2017
Julie and Jim Raines
in honor of Leslie Testerman on her birthday