Fox 13: $400,000 made available to fight homelessness in Memphis

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Fox 13: $400,000 made available to fight homelessness in Memphis

Featured on Fox 13

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Homelessness is an issue every city in the nation faces. Last year homelessness was up three percent from the year before across the country. FOX13 shares how the country is fighting this issue in Memphis by handing out millions of dollars.

"I came to work, scanned my badge, as I scanned my badge the security officer said to me, oh you're laid off," said Rochelle Clayton, looking for help.

Rochelle Clayton, a mother of two got the crushing news just before Christmas. "That be the most heartbreaking time. There's a lot of temp agencies and a lot of things are temporary," said Clayton.

Like Clayton, many families are going through a hard time. And they find themselves here at MIFA. They say they're here to offer a helping hand.

We have helped hundreds of people go from I don't know what I'm going to do today. Where I'm going to lay my head, to I have a place of my own,” said Mary Hamlett, MIFA.

MIFA or the Metropolitan Interfaith Association recently received more than $400,000 in grant money from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to fight homelessness in Memphis.

The group says it will use the money for housing assistance. “We have a job market that seems healthy, but we know those jobs don't pay enough for people to live comfortably," said Mary Hamlett, MIFA.

And they aren’t the only ones receiving money. Twenty-six other homelessness assistance programs got a piece of the more six-million-dollar funding.

"Of course, we can always use more, but it's a good start and effort to curb homelessness," said Hamlett.

As for Clayton she says things have been rough, but she will continue to sacrifice each day for her kids to keep a roof over their head,” said Clayton.

Statistics show nationally on a single night nearly $600,000 people are homeless.

Posted by Ellen Whitten at 11:07 AM