MIFA's 35th Annual No-Go Gala

MIFA's 35th Annual No-Go Gala

MIFA Presents the 35th Annual No-Go Gala

Adventures of MIFA Superheroes

Each day in our fair city, seniors and families face challenges they can't overcome alone. But our brave MIFA superheroes travel at the speed of kindness to help the neighbors who need it most.

You might never know, if you saw them on the street, that these citizens do battle each day with unseen forces—hunger, poverty, homelessness, and injustice—on behalf of a city in need.

Join us on this journey to unmask a few of the MIFA heroes who work tirelessly to keep us all safe.


Our 2022 No-Go Gala Superheroes

The Incredible Crenshaws | Lucia and Hal Crenshaw, their children Wendy Bolding, Lucia and Joe McKnight, Molly and Wes Nelson; grandchildren Lucy, Hal, Molly, Andy, Bobby, Kate, and Sam; and with a special appearance by Nana

Meggan, Daniel, Sadie & Ben Kiel

The Magnificent Malones | Tamera, Skylar, and Tylar Malone and Kaleb Anderson

Gus & Gibby Martin | Children of Hope and Tom Martin

Alison Morris | Daughter of Mary and Paul Morris

The Outstanding Orrs | Pastor Bartholomew Orr and his grandchildren Valiant Bates Orr, Jr., Brooklynn Skyy Orr, Vaughn Karter Orr, Bartholomew Orr III, and Vance Peyton Orr

Evelyn Rakestraw | Daughter of Jeff and Tiffany Rakestraw

The Superb St. Mary’s Seventh Grade Class


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