30th Annual No-Go Gala

You are cordially invited not to attend MIFA's 30th annual No-Go Gala. 

Instead of a night out, share a sentiment of good cheer with family and friends. 

Stay home and send a note. Then, donate your expenses for a fancy party to MIFA. Your gift will help sustain MIFA's high-impact programs, which support the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis. 

Thank you to our 2017 No-Go Hosts
Katherine and Stephen Bush
Kristen and Doug Duncan
Travis Green
Cara Greenstein
Sheril Greenstein
Nicole Kincy-Wright and Duiet Wright
Britton and John Laughlin
Michelle and John McKissack
Baylor and Howard Stovall
Christine and Carroll Todd
Desiree Lyles Wallace
Emily and Reverend Walker Wright
Emily and Geoff Wyonzek

This year's limited-edition cards are designed by Tom Martin, a Memphis-based graphic designer and illustrator, who delivers MIFA Meals on Wheels each Wednesday with his two-year-old son, August.