MIFA's 34th Annual No-Go Gala

MIFA's 34th Annual No-Go Gala

Please do NOT attend MIFA's 34th annual No-Go Gala.

Instead, Discover Memphis!

Many of us have had to say “no go” to travel this past year or so. And, while flying or taking road trips may still be something for the future, MIFA has a solution. Be a tourist in your own city! Let our MIFA friends be your Travel Guides to some fascinating places in Memphis. And the money you’ll save on hotels, flights and gas can be part of your gift to MIFA! Please help us to continue to serve the most vulnerable of our neighbors with care and compassion, no matter what challenges we face. We have much to do…


Here are our No-Go Travel Guides' top picks for a Memphis staycation

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“The Old Forest in Overton Park is my go-to daily walk, my favorite place to sketch, and my sanctuary. The Elvis urns are the funkiest corner of the forest.” — Martha Kelly


“The Germantown Charity Horse Show, along with the City of Germantown, holds a special place in our family!” — Elaine and Bill Dudley


French Fort is located near Chickasaw Heritage Park and the Metal Museum. Mark Twain wrote in his book Life on the Mississippi that the view from French Fort was the most ‘beautiful vista on the Mississippi.’” — Ernest Carpenter


“Both sobering and inspiring, a visit to Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum is required if you want to fully understand and appreciate our city.” — Russ and Tomeka Hart Wigginton


Whitehaven is a close-knit, historic community, with so many wonderful small businesses to support and restaurants to visit.” — Hazel Moore


“The Memphis Zoo has something for all age groups and interests. Every visit offers a new opportunity for ‘wildly’ different and fun interactions with the animals and the zoo’s talented and dedicated team of professionals.” — Maria Leggett


“When Irene and Clint Cleaves opened the Four Way Grill—now the Four Way Restaurant —in 1946, their dream was to serve the best soul food in Memphis. We are still serving love on a plate to people from all walks of life.”  — Patrice Bates Thompson


Jerry’s Sno Cones is one of our family’s favorite places to visit because it feels like the start of summer in Memphis." — Stephanie, Bobby, and Sam White


“When most Memphians think of West Memphis, they think of what is seen from Interstate 40. Well, this spot is just a 10-minute bike ride from the Harahan Bridge, and it feels like you are somewhere else!” — Clark Butcher


Many thanks to our No-Go Travel Guides

Clark Butcher West Memphis | Ernest Carpenter French Fort | Elaine and Bill Dudley Germantown Charity Horse Show | Russ and Tomeka Hart Wigginton Slave Haven | Martha Kelly Overton Park | Maria Leggett Memphis Zoo | Hazel Moore Whitehaven | Patrice Bates Thompson Four Way Restaurant | Stephanie, Bobby, and Sam White Jerry’s Sno Cones


Photography by Steve Roberts

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