Our Results

Senior Programs

MIFA’s senior programs are designed to promote independence, health, companionship, and dignity. The following service and impact numbers are from our FY17, July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

MIFA Meals on Wheels

MIFA Meals on Wheels served 554,162 meals to 3,784 seniors in FY17; of those clients, 1,191 received home-delivered meals, 1,292 were served at congregate sites, and 1,323 were served through the No Hungry Senior initiative.

  • 95.78% eat healthier foods as a result of the program
  • 93.12% of home-delivered meal recipients believe the program helps them continue living in their own homes
  • 92.61% believe the program helps them feel better

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

In FY17, the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program’s 64 volunteers completed 1,673 volunteer hours while providing advocacy for the care and dignity of 4,585 seniors living in facilities.

Senior Companion

In FY17, the Senior Companion program’s 73 volunteers logged 68,274 hours while serving 90 clients.

Among surveyed Senior Companions:

  • 93.75% of Senior Companions reported that they feel the program allows them to be more independent
  • 93.75% said the program has improved their quality of life

Among surveyed clients:

  • 97.44% report that the program helps them do things they need to do
  • 97.44% feel more satisfied with their lives
  • 76.92% report eating regularly scheduled meals
  • 64.10% feel less lonely
  • 60.53% believe they are able to remain in their own homes because of the program

Family Programs

MIFA’s family programs provide basic services to prevent homelessness, stabilize families, and encourage independence. The following service and impact numbers are from our FY17, July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

Emergency Services

Of the 10,470 requests for assistance our Emergency Services program received in FY17, we were able to help 3,524 families with utility, rent, and mortgage assistance.

  • 11,131 food pantry vouchers were distributed

Rapid Rehousing

MIFA’s Rapid Rehousing program helps eligible homeless families quickly obtain permanent stable housing.

  • In FY17, the Rapid Rehousing program placed 252 families representing 281 adults and 647 children with permanent, stable housing.

Homeless Hotline

The 24-hour Homeless Hotline helps connect homeless families with minor children in Memphis and Shelby County to shelter.

  • In FY17, the 24-hour Homeless Hotline screened 5,746 calls representing 5,612 adults and 8,336 children.

Emergency Shelter Placement

This program helps families with minor children secure temporary shelter if homelessness cannot be avoided through mediation. 

  • In FY17, Emergency Shelter Placement screened 1,683 families representing 1,844 adults and 3,909 children; of those, we were able to serve 176 families through mediation and refer 495 to shelters.