Plus-1 Program

Plus-1 Program

The Plus-1 Program

Plus-1 was created in 1982 and is a partnership between MIFA and MLGW that provides utility assistance for individuals and families in financial crisis.



How Does Plus-1 work?

MLGW collects Plus-1 funds, and MIFA screens clients for eligibility and priority and authorizes payments from the Plus-1 fund to their accounts. The average eligible household receives $296 in assistance, plus negotiation with MLGW to establish a payment plan for the balance.

MLGW customers fund the program through one-time donations or by adding a dollar or more to their utility bills each month. If every MLGW customer gave just $1 per month, we could serve more than 20,000 families per year.

The program’s success rate is remarkable: last year, 91% of the 1,275 families helped by Plus-1 were still connected to their utilities after 90 days, and 81% were connected after 180 days.

Give to Plus-1

You can also add $1 or more to your monthly MLGW bill by signing up here. Lead a sign-up campaign at your company, congregation, or group; contact us for more information.

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