Senior Programs

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Senior Programs

MIFA’s senior programs are designed to promote independence, health, and dignity. Through daily nutrition and fellowship with volunteers, our programs help seniors continue living in their homes, while advocacy continues to support them when they move into care homes.


MIFA Meals on Wheels

With the help of volunteers, MIFA Meals on Wheels provides nutritious lunches for seniors in their homes and at congregate meal sites.



Home-delivered meal recipients are Shelby County seniors (age 60 and over) who are nutritionally at-risk and frail, homebound, or disabled. Congregate meal recipients are Shelby County residents over age 60 or under 60 and disabled.

To be screened for eligibility for Meals on Wheels, call the Aging Commission of the Mid-South at (901) 222-4111. To apply for congregate meals, complete an application in person at the site nearest you. Congregate sites are listed here.



In FY22, MIFA Meals on Wheels served 557,434 meals to 3,849 seniors; of those clients, 2,533 received home-delivered meals and 1,316 were served at congregate sites.

Surveyed clients reported the following: 94.20% eat healthier foods as a result of the program, 91.86% believe the program helps them feel better, and 89.45% of home-delivered meal recipients believe the program helps them continue living in their own homes.



Click here to learn about volunteering for MIFA Meals on Wheels.


Contact Us

Tonya Bradley Parker, Director of Meals on Wheels Services  |  |  (901) 529-4520

Craig Woods, Director of Meals on Wheels Fleet |  |  (901) 529-4564

Demeatrise Givens, Senior Navigator | | (901) 529-4506

To become a volunteer, contact: 
Marcie Lynne Williams, Engagement Volunteer Specialist  |  |  (901) 529-4521

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

MIFA's Long-Term Care Ombudsman program advocates for residents of long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and residential care homes. Through regular visits by staff and specially trained volunteers, the program investigates and mediates complaints, monitors residents’ care and quality of life, and provides public education for clients and their families.



Clients must be residents or potential residents of nursing homes, assisted living care facilities, or homes for the aged in Shelby, Fayette, Tipton, or Lauderdale County.



In FY22, the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program’s two staff members and 23 volunteers completed 314 volunteer hours while providing advocacy for the care and dignity of seniors living in local facilities; their work reached 7,223 individuals in the community.



Trained Ombudsman volunteers pay regular visits to facilities, where they spend time with residents, monitor conditions, investigate complaints, and protect residents’ rights.

Volunteers must be 21 years of age with no conflicts of interest, provide references, submit to a background check, and complete an interview. Thirty-six hours of training and certification are required before a volunteer may visit residents. Volunteers must be willing and able to commit to the program for a minimum of one year, visiting residents weekly and working to resolve conflicts within nursing homes and care facilities.

Click here to learn more about becoming a volunteer. 


Contact Us


Zev Samuels, District Ombudsman  |  |  (901) 529-4565

Carlos Royston, Volunteer Coordinator  |  |  (901) 529-4562

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