Serve More: People. Programs. Partnership.

Serve More: People. Programs. Partnership.

Serve More: Strategic Plan FY20-22

Our FY13 strategic plan, MIFA at 45: A Solid Foundation for a Greater Future, laid the groundwork for MIFA’s long-term stability through strengthening our infrastructure and our finances, measuring outcomes and impact, maximizing program efficiency and effectiveness, and ensuring that staff have the resources and expertise to support our organization. The plan included program changes in response to best practices and community need, like moving from a transitional housing model to rapid rehousing, discontinuing costly rural Meals on Wheels delivery and increasing service in Shelby County through No Hungry Senior, executing a successful endowment campaign, and clarifying the purpose of our senior and family program areas.

In FY17, a new plan titled Serve. Excel. Celebrate. focused on further preparing our programs and our operations for long-term sustainability. We worked to secure funding for Meals on Wheels to sustain our increased service beyond the Plough grant for No Hungry Senior, and we phased out the Transit program to better apply those resources to serve our senior neighbors. We worked to identify and address service gaps and barriers to service so those who need our family programs most can access them. And in addition to ensuring responsible stewardship of our financial resources, we began to focus on supporting and developing MIFA’s most important resource: our people. The plan culminated in MIFA’s 50th year, which we celebrated with a series of community events and a gala.

The FY20 strategic plan is called Serve More and has three goal areas:

People. MIFA’s people are our most important asset, and much of the work of this strategic plan will focus on inspiring and developing staff to better equip us to deliver our high-impact programs. This area of the plan was structured around staff feedback from surveys and interviews conducted in early 2019, a resounding theme of which was our collective will to serve more in need in our community. The plan begins with a minor restructure to define job categories, clarify roles, and establish clear expectations. From there, the people strategies implemented over three years will include creating growth opportunities for staff at all levels, fostering accountability, leveraging and embracing technology, and inspiring and rewarding innovation.

Programs. After several years of sustainability planning, we are now poised for growth in several programs. Over the next three years, we will explore innovative partnerships with hospitals and providers to reach more seniors in need of meals, grow our MIphone Buddy program to deepen service to meal recipients, help families receiving services to increase their earned income, and expand data measurement in family programs to see how we can better serve clients.

Partnership. As always, financial sustainability is at the core of our work. In addition to meeting our annual fund goal, we are focused on raising an additional $500,000 annual to fund growth in meals. We are also leveraging internal partnerships between finance, programs, and advancement to ensure that our spending remains on track throughout the year. And through the MIFA Center for CommUNITY website, interfaith collaborations, and the Plus-1 program with MLGW, we will work to increase public awareness.

Through these strategic initiatives, we hope to serve more over three years by increasing our capacity, reaching more people in need in our Memphis community, and deepening our impact for the clients we already serve.